Child Care: 2 Year Olds

Children at this transitional age become a bit giddy with all their cool new skills: exponential language development, mastery of gross motor skills, problem-solving acuity, even the ability and willingness to play together (rather than side-by-side) – all these new talents boost self esteem and create a yearning for more autonomy… and often, the confidence to ditch the diapers. At the core of it all is the seemingly sudden ability to comprehend complex concepts, and to solve problems.

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Your child will have every opportunity to make decisions and assert independence at the Cedarhouse School, in a unique program offering:

  • Potty training for children who show signs of being ready
  • Center-based learning to encourage cooperative play, autonomy, and decision-making – all at your child’s individual speed
  • A cozy reading area that acts as a soothing retreat when your child needs privacy or quiet time
  • An inspiring view of the garden and picnic area
  • Optional extracurricular classes such as gymnastics/fitness
  • Weekly fitness, and music & movement classes in our creative movement room


Child Care: Older 2s – Younger 3s

Children with a solid foundation of physical and language skills and developing emotional maturity are ready to begin more active social lives. These little ones love nothing better than group activities, where they can practice sharing, teamwork, and leadership. Planting gardens, baking cookies, and participating in art and music projects give early preschoolers just the right kind of stimulation they crave.

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Your child will enjoy traditional and innovative group activities at The Cedarhouse School, where the carefully designed Early Preschool program provides:

  • Individually-paced work on pre-reading, pre-writing, and fine motor skills, as well as potty training for those who haven’t quite got the hang of it yet
  • A dramatic play area to encourage social interaction and cooperative play
  • A move up to the “Big Kids’ Wing” with regular classes in the creative movement rooms, and “social meals” with other preschoolers in the lunch room
  • Group activities such as art projects, fitness classes, music sessions, cooking projects, gardening, and even theater
  • Optional, extracurricular classes including gymnastics, soccer, karate, and dance


Child Care: 3 Year Olds

They may look like small children, but preschoolers are actually brainiacs, ready and eager to take on just about any new intellectual challenge that comes their way. Their basic problem solving abilities are sharp enough and their attention span long enough that they are able to follow 2- and 3-part instructions… the foundation for learning math concepts and language and reading skills such as consonant sounds and letter formation.

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The Cedarhouse School offers all the tools your preschooler needs for fast-developing mental acuity and ongoing social and emotional growth:

  • Instruction in basic math concepts, counting, and number recognition
  • Weekly Spanish, music, and fitness classes
  • Optional, extracurricular classes such as gymnastics/fitness and dance
  • Tools for problem-solving and creativity – like legos and blocks – and an incredible loft for dramatic play, stretching muscles, or quiet time
  • Collaborative projects, from art, theatre and music to cooking and gardening, to hone teamwork and social skills